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Small Business Websites in WordPress.

Not every business needs an involved website. We have developed and designed websites with thousands of pages, sites that had fully functional community interactions, streaming videos, on-line chat rooms, sophisticated shopping carts, Facebook fan pages and more. They cost thousands of dollars because of the man hours involved in setting them up and keeping them going.

And even though we liked building them, we also became aware that people in our own community could not afford that level of service.

Affordable Feature Packed Websites That Work

So, when we brainstormed about what would it take to build a website that could get the primary tasks done, offer the client a content management system (CMS) to manage the website and be within the budget of the average small business, we realized that we had two major tools for that job: Joomla and WordPress

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This site is built using WordPress because the theme that we are using has features that few others offer.

With the SmallBiz theme, we replicated the functionality of a major Joomla site at a fraction of the cost.

    Five Major Things Your Website Needs To Do
  • Be seen by the clients that you want to attract in your local community.
  • Be organized in such a way that clients hear your message and want to speak further.
  • Anticipate the idiosyncrasies of the way that clients browse the web. A good site should know when the viewer is using a phone instead of a computer and adjust accordingly. It should offer Google maps and instructive videos.
  • Facilitate on-going communication between your business and your clients through social media, such as Facebook fan pages, emails and chat.
  • Remain affordable and fresh through future internet updates and enhancements.

WordPress Sites for $900.00

You can have a site just like this one for $900. Tack on another $120.00 for annual hosting. It would work and you would be happy with it for a while.

But websites are like vegetable gardens. They need someone to tend to the daily up-keep. That's why we also offer updates services for every thing from security updates to Facebook Fan Page postings.

What many small business owners realize is that their customers use the internet, not paper publications, to make their shopping decisions. Without an up-to-date website and interactive services, your business will wither from marketplace neglect.

That doesn't mean that what you had to offer was bad, only that they never found you, or worse, found you to be boring.

We can help keep your pages alive, fresh and interesting.  Call us.


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